Phloems may not taste very good, or maybe it’s something you’re imagining, but they’re pretty healthy! Besides their important role in the growth of bananas, they also contain many vitamins, such as potassium, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin B6. Once the banana is harvested, these vitamins remain in the phloem, making them very healthy.

A recent study showed that bananas covered in brown spots are even healthier than those without spots. So these are definitely the ones we should be eating. Eating an overripe banana may have some unexpected benefits. Research has shown that eating a brownish banana has incredible health benefits. They impress us a lot and so we have put them in a handy little list:

Reduce your chances of getting cancer! They contain an ingredient that destroys cancer cells.

Regulate your blood pressure! When bananas are overripe, they contain more potassium, which stimulates stable blood pressure.