Remove the yellow skin from a banana and there they are, haunting you. They run vertically along the fruit, demanding to be removed with precision. They hang lifelessly from the flesh of ripe bananas, but cling mercilessly to less ripe ones. They are never wanted anyway. We’re talking about those annoying white strings on bananas, or more technically, “phloem bundles.”

First of all, those strings on bananas have a name; they are called “phloem packets.” The phloem in a plant ensures the transport of nutrients throughout the plant, from leaves to fruit. Phloems are important factors in the growth and health of a plant. So the strings are not only useful for the banana itself, they are also completely edible!
There is no need to remove the phloem before eating your banana. If only they tasted a little better… Scientists say that, in theory, it’s possible to create bananas without phloem. However, since many bananas die due to diseases, it is much more important to create disease-resistant bananas.

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