Summer offers plenty of joys, from warm weather to outdoor activities. But, leaving windows open for fresh air often means welcoming uninvited guests: insects. Say goodbye to these intruders with natural remedies tailored for each pest.

Keep the Flies at Bay
Insects come in various forms, from flies and mosquitoes to cockroaches and ants. Each bug can be tackled with its own natural antidote.

For flies, remember, they detest strong smells.

For flies, remember, they detest strong smells. A simple remedy involves the power of lemon and cloves. Slice a lemon in half and press cloves into each section. Position these aromatic barriers near entrances like windows or doors. The potent mix of lemon and clove scents will deter flies.

Alternatively, create a refreshing spray using 10 drops each of mint and eucalyptus essential oils diluted in half a liter of water. Spray around entry points to ward off flies.

Another fly repellent involves a concoction of water, sugar, and black pepper. Smear this mix on paper strips and place them where flies frequent. A spray variation combines white vinegar and mint essential oil. Spritz around doors and windows to keep flies away.

Wave Goodbye to Ants

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