Pan Seared Fish Fillet


My son loves the crispy skin of his fish, so I've mastered the art of making that happen. It's a very simple and hassle-free way to cook fish, perfect for a quick and healthy mid-week meal.

Fish is packed with anti-inflammatory omega-3s, brain-boosting healthy fats, and vitamin D, which every body metabolism needs — and it's delicious! The fish fillets cooked this way are excellent as is, served with a crispy green salad.

Pan frying is one of our favorite ways to cook fish. Follow our guide to a golden, crispy exterior and a tender, juicy interior that produces delicious fried fish every time!

Chicken, beef, pork and more are all classic protein choices that we all know and love. But, if you don't eat meat — or if you're sick of classic dishes like roast chicken or pork chops — seafood is another great option! Fish is one of those versatile proteins.

*ingredients :

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