Aluminum foil is a staple in the kitchen, known for its versatility in cooking and food storage. But did you know it can also be a handy tool in maintaining your refrigerator and freezer? That’s right, a few sheets of aluminum foil can help manage frost buildup, a common issue that can damage these appliances. Let’s explore this unique trick and understand why putting aluminum foil in your fridge and freezer can be beneficial.
Why Use Aluminum Foil in the Fridge?
Regular maintenance and cleaning of your appliances, including defrosting, are crucial. Defrosting is especially important for freezers, as it can be time-consuming but essential for the appliance’s efficiency and food preservation. Defrosting your fridge is vital too, as it ensures better food preservation and reduces electricity consumption.
Aluminum foil aids in this process by protecting your food from frost. If frost forms in the fridge, it indicates excess moisture turning into ice. Wrapping frost-sensitive foods in aluminum foil before placing them in the fridge can help. The foil reflects light and maintains an optimal temperature, extending the shelf life of your food. This is particularly useful for foods stored in the upper part of the fridge, where they’re most exposed to light.
How Often to Defrost Your Fridge:

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