How Often to Defrost Your Fridge:

Older refrigerator models may require defrosting every two months or more frequently if needed.

Newer models don’t need defrosting as often, but it’s advisable to clean them at least twice a month.

Using Aluminum Foil in the Freezer:

When too much frost accumulates in the freezer, it’s time for a defrost. Ideally, empty the freezer first to ensure a thorough defrosting. Then, line the walls of the freezer with aluminum foil. This creates a protective layer, ensuring that any excess ice sticks to the foil instead of the freezer walls.

Once you’ve lined the freezer with foil, you can restock it. This method helps prevent excess ice formation, reducing the strain on the freezer’s motor and conserving energy. Additionally, wrapping your food items in aluminum foil is beneficial as it resists cold effectively, blocks odors, and preserves the taste of your food.

In conclusion, aluminum foil is not just for cooking or wrapping sandwiches; it’s a multifunctional kitchen hero that can significantly aid in the maintenance of your fridge and freezer. By utilizing foil to control frost, you can improve the efficiency of your appliances and extend their lifespan.