*Ingredients :

°Small salt spoon.
°Cracked black pepper.
°A teaspoon of honey.
°2 teaspoons lemon juice.
°A lemon zest.
°1 garlic.
°A tsp mixed spices. 
°A tsp pepper.
°Tsp oregano.
°A teaspoon of olive oil/soft butter.

* Methods : 

Step 1:
Adding salt, black pepper, blended spices, chilli, garlic, oregano & lemon zest, & mix well on  plate.
2nd step:
Mix the oil with the lemon juice, then add it to the spices and mix the ingredients well.
Step 3:
Putting steak pieces in marinade & putting them in refrigerator for at least 6 h before you begin cooking process, so that season takes on flavor.