She Applie Vicks Vaporub On Feet Before Bed; When You Knowing The Cause, You will Do The Same!

Who doesn't know the classic Vicks Vaporub?

Most of us have used Vicks as a remedy for many ailments, but few know some of the other effects.
The recipe that we will give you in this article is very simple and very old. It's guaranteed and works almost 100%!

What is the way to use Vicks Vaporab?
To stop a nocturnal cough, put Vicks Vaporub on your feet, especially the soles, then put on your socks.
Even the most persistent cough will go away within five minutes, followed by many hours of rest.
This is safest and most effective method to using Vicks to treat breath problems.

It is important to note that the stockings should not be too tight.

Some precautions to taking before try this recipe:
This ointment also works for children, but it is advised to take advice from your pediatrician before doing so. This is because Vicks VapoRub can just be use by inhalation from age of 12 and applied to skin just in children on 3 years old. The same for pregnant women, this drug is forbidden during pregnancy.