Say Goodbye To Fruit Flies And Gnats For Good – The Paper Towel Trick Changes Everything

Other than storing the fruit in the fridge (checking for aromas and flavors) or in the oven, I had no solutions.

Then I saw the light...
Which means I thought I'd put the question to you on the Papillae et Pupilles Facebook page and there, paf la girafe, there are no more problems, there are only solutions. 

The one who returned most often and who previously worked:

Various techniques:

Sophie P. shares her experience: "I take a bowl... I put apple juice and cover it with cellophane... where I make holes... midges get in... but they can't get out... and they often sink.. yeah, I know it's awful … But hey… If we leave… 1 mosquito… soon it gets into the dozens!!

 the solution: "A plastic bottle I cut in half. At the bottom you put pieces of apple (from the fruit but the apple is fine. Then you make a paper cone and put it in the bottle facing down. The fruit will attract the flies but he doesn't know it's not coming out anymore" Danny F. does the same with bananas.