Not only is apple cider vinegar well-known for its subtle flavor, but it is also thought to have medicinal properties. Because it is fermented, apple cider or must retains all the health advantages of the fruit it originates from, including its ability to aid weight loss and provide a variety of minerals and vitamins.

So long as it is not from an industrial source, the sediments in its murky liquid can be used to verify its authenticity. Unfortunately, because to its heavy processing (mostly filtering and pasteurization), it loses many of the qualities that set it apart and contribute to its health benefits. Last but not least, adding sulphites to make it last longer weakens and compromises its organoleptic purity.

Although it has some utility for cleaning the home, it is not suitable for use in cooking. Making it at home with do-it-yourself methods is the way to go.

In case you were wondering, it's not only doable, but also really easy! On the other hand, proper fermentation requires a lengthy rest period.

I'll show you how to accomplish it.

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