Prepare the Base: Begin by cutting the angel food cake into cubes. Set these aside for layering later.

Mix the Pudding: In a mixing bowl, whisk together the instant cheesecake pudding mix, milk, sour cream (or Greek yogurt), and vanilla extract until well combined. Set this creamy mixture aside.

Layer the Cake: In a 13x9 inch baking dish, start your first layer by placing half of the cake cubes evenly at the bottom.

Add Cherry Pie Filling: Spoon half of the cherry pie filling over the first layer of cake cubes, spreading it to cover.

Repeat Layers: Add the remaining cake cubes on top of the cherry layer, followed by the rest of the cherry pie filling.

Spread Pudding Mixture: Pour the prepared pudding mixture over the top of the cake and cherry layers, smoothing it out to evenly cover the cake.

Top with Whipped Topping: Gently spoon the whipped topping over the pudding layer, covering the entire surface of the cake.

Chill: Refrigerate the cake for at least 4 hours, allowing it to set and the flavors to meld together beautifully.

Garnish and Serve: Just before serving, sprinkle toasted sliced almonds over the top for a bit of crunch and added elegance (optional).

This Heaven on Earth Cake is a perfect dessert for those who love the combination of fluffy cake, creamy layers, and tangy fruit. It's a versatile treat that's sure to impress at any gathering or can be enjoyed as a decadent treat at home. The ease of preparation and exquisite flavors make it a go-to recipe for anyone looking to create a memorable dessert experience without the fuss of traditional baking. Enjoy your slice of heaven!