How to Plant Avocados at Home for Dozens


Nurturing the Seedling:

Waiting Game: Over a span of 2 to 8 weeks, the seed will start to sprout roots. Once a prominent root emerges, reaching around 15cm in length, trim it down to approximately 8cm.

Sprouting Leaves: Shortly after the root's appearance, you'll notice budding leaves.

Planting the Young Avocado Tree:

Soil Prep: Choose a sizable pot and fill it with nutrient-dense potting soil.

Planting: Create a hole in the soil's center, approximately the depth of half the seed's size. Place the seed in this hole, ensuring that its top half remains exposed.

Sunlight and Water: Avocado plants love the sun. Place your pot in a location where it will receive adequate sunlight. Regular watering is essential; however, ensure that the soil is not waterlogged.

Patience Pays Off:

Remember, while your avocado plant will grow and thrive under these conditions, bearing fruit may take several years. With patience and consistent care, you'll eventually be rewarded with home-grown avocados!