Here’s how to make a mother-in-law’s tongue bloom to perfume the whole house


Mother-in-law's tongue, with its striking appearance, can be a splendid addition to your indoor space. While it's a low-maintenance houseplant, with the right care, you can be rewarded with its unique blooms. Here’s a guide on how to achieve this flowering feat.

When Does Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Bloom?
Known as the sansevière, when well-cared for, it can surprise you with white flowers, usually during the spring or summer. If you've opted for the Sansevieria trifasciata Hahnii variety, flowering won't occur. But for others, regular watering (only when the soil is dry) and proper care might lead to this annual bloom.

Encouraging the Blooms
To nudge your sansevière towards flowering:

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