Million dollar spaghetti casserole

How does regular pasta deserve a name like Million Dollar Spaghetti? Mix the pasta with plenty of ricotta cheese, ricotta cheese and sour cream.

Show your family he's worth a fortune by adding this baked pasta recipe to your weekend dinner. It can also be made for lunch, dinner, or as a family dinner on weekends.
ricotta lovers, this is for you.This dish was dubbed "million dollar spaghetti" not because it cost a fortune, but because it tasted so rich. 

Delicious layers of velouté di ricotta and ricotta casserole with cooked spaghetti and cooked meat sauce.

This recipe  cooked spaghetti tastes a lot like lasagna. But the shorter assembly and cook times mean you can make your family feel like they're making a million bucks every night of the week.

Learn about cream cheese and why it works in this dish.


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