Cinnamon roll is a trend among foodies these days. I love making them for my family and friends and everyone craves them. I find it relaxing to have fun at home reading a book or watching a movie.

My recipe is easy and the end product is tender, delicious and buttery with a wonderful cinnamon flavor. Butter and cinnamon is one of my favorite baking combinations. The best part of this cake is the brown sugar flavored butter with cinnamon swirling through the batter. The result is a perfectly flat cake when baked. You'll be amazed at how comforting this cake can be once you try it at home. It's the perfect family treat for the weekend, no fuss. The vanilla cream should be thick, so add the milk little by little to get the right consistency.

Serve the cake as soon as it is baked until golden brown with a pretty frosting on top and it will be a heavenly wedding.


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