Potato casserole and cheese burger


Cheese minced beef casserole with potatoes is perfect for breakfast or minced meat! Like the cheesy fries, this will become a family favorite. Serve as a hearty main course for dinner, or as a tasty and cheesy side dish.

We have the best beef gravy your family will love! Cheese minced beef casserole with potatoes was an Easter side dish as well as a brunch in our house. Give it a try and see what all the hype is about! Sponsored by Washington Potatoes.

It's super easy and looks like the stuffed potato dish you love to make on vacation.

So delicious that it can be served as a main dish throughout the week.

Do you like minced sausage? Use it instead! I like the half spicy sausage and half meat burger to add more flavor to the dish.


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