My glass stove is something I really dislike. A chef's kitchen with a gas range cooker is something I dream of having one day. I fantasize about that nightly. On the other hand, for the past nine years, I have put up with the pain of cleaning this glass stove.

So I spend a lot of time scrubbing and using my elbow grease to attempt to clean this glass oven, which gets filthy after the simplilist meal and is notoriously difficult to clean due to stubborn stains, food, and grease.

Up to this point. My life has been turned upside down by this genius cleaning trick for glass stoves. This is particularly true now that my infant is a toddler and I use my stove ten times more than before.

This hack is really amazing since it only takes a few minutes and your stove will be cleaner and shiner than you ever imagined!

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