Metrics are not available. Everything was perfect once I tossed it all on there!

The first step is to simply drizzle some Dawn dish soap over the entire stovetop.

Second, drop a little hydrogen peroxide.

A Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Glass Stovetop Shine

Third, liberally dust the surface with baking soda.

4. Using a brush, combine all of the ingredients and brush them onto the stovetop.

Scrub the soapy liquid off using a moist paper towel. 5. Boom! Totally spotless. A handful of problem areas were brushed over with the brush, but they were so easy to remove that I simply wiped them off.

This is complete. You can get a spotless glass cooktop in little time at all. Keep in mind that I did not take any measurements. I proceeded to work after lightly dusting everything.