So fluffy and tender! My family didn't believe me when I told them they were just 3 ingredients


Whip Up Fluffy 3-Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits: A Comfort Food Classic

Indulge in the simplicity and comfort of 3-Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits, a staple of Southern cuisine in the United States. With just a few basic ingredients, you can effortlessly create these fluffy, delicious biscuits. Whether for a leisurely weekend breakfast or a quick addition to any meal, these biscuits are wonderfully versatile and sure to please.

Serving Suggestions:

Breakfast or Brunch: Pair these biscuits with scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit for a satisfying start to your day.
Savory Lunch or Dinner: Complement a meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, or homemade gravy with these biscuits.
Sweet Dessert: Top with whipped cream and fresh berries for a delightful treat.
3-Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe:


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