Cleaning the toilet is one of the most tedious household tasks. It is the most dreaded of all because of the bacteria and dirt that can be present in the toilet. Fortunately, white vinegar is a real ally to effectively clean this room of the house. We will share with you tips on how to use it and clean your toilet thoroughly.

Find out how to use white vinegar in your toilet. This natural product makes cleaning your toilets easier and can save you time thanks to its unmatched efficiency.

How do you use white vinegar in the toilet?

White wine vinegar

White vinegar  has many benefits and that is why it remains an unstoppable ingredient for the care of all surfaces in the house. It is essential if you want to replace it with your traditional detergents that can harm your health. It is a powerful cleaner that descales, disinfects and shines every room in your apartment or house. To stop dealing with the limescale and tartar that can build up in your toilets, you can use white vinegar to descale the tank of your toilets.

– Clean the cistern with household vinegar

Toilet cistern

The   toilet cistern   is a very important part of your toilet as it contributes to the proper functioning of your flush and therefore the toilet. Often forgotten, the toilet cistern can store rust, limescale, mold and bacteria. These little annoyances can cause bad smells and affect how the toilet works.  You can use white vinegar to deep clean your toilet tank naturally. To do this you need:

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