toilet tank naturally. To do this you need:

rubber gloves

homemade cleaner



White wine vinegar

Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from possible dirt. Place a towel on the floor to place the gas cap on. Pour white vinegar into your toilet tank without draining the water from the tank.  Next, let the vinegar and water mixture sit in your toilet tank overnight   . Limescale, rust and mold could dissolve naturally. The next day, you can flush the toilet as many times as necessary to remove all of the vinegar from the tank. Flush the toilet again to completely empty the tank, then turn off the faucet.

Any dirt that has accumulated on the walls of the water tank will then be visible and you can permanently remove it with a scrub brush. You can then use a sponge to remove stubborn stains. If some stains persist, use a homemade cleaner and spray it on the inside walls of the tank. Leave to work on the remaining markings. Then scrub the final traces with the scrub brush to thoroughly scrub your toilet’s entire tank. You can open the faucet and flush the toilet. Clear water should come from your toilet. Finally, carefully reinstall the tank cover.

– Clean the toilet bowl with white vinegar

It’s no secret anymore, white vinegar is the ideal natural product to do household chores at home. To clean your toilets and avoid using cleaning products, you can also use it to clean your toilets. Among other things, you can use it to descale the bottom of the toilet bowl.

To do this, heat ½ liter of white vinegar without boiling and carefully pour it onto the sides of your toilet bowl. Leave it on for at least an hour or longer if you can. It’s best to leave it on overnight to make it even more effective. Use a brush to scrub the walls of the toilet and the bottom of the bowl after letting it sit. This preparation can also be used to clean the toilet seat and seat as well as the outside of the bowl, the outside of the tank and the flush button for impeccable cleanliness!

You got it, white vinegar completes toilet cleaning. They stay clean and odor-free.