The right way to boil corn: selecting the best corn, cook times, and getting the max flavor


While boiling corn may seem easy, timing is pivotal:

Overcooking: Overcooked corn loses its crunch and sweetness. Steer clear of boiling beyond 8-10 minutes.

Undercooking: Don't skimp on time either; undercooked corn can be fibrous and lack flavor. Target 5-6 minutes as the sweet spot.

Here's your guide:

Prep: Strip the corn of its husk and silk, rinsing off any residual bits.

Water Ready: Use a large pot and enough water to cover the corn, bringing it to a rapid boil.

Flavor Infusion: Stir in salt and a hint of sugar to the boil – a tablespoon or two of salt and a couple of teaspoons of sugar per gallon works magic.

Corn In: Lower the cleaned corn into the bubbling water, cover, and let it bathe for 5-8 minutes.

Test Time: Check by piercing a kernel; it should give in easily but retain a bit of bite.

Finishing Touches: Extract the corn, drain, and lay out your favorite garnishes.

Turn Up the Taste

While boiled corn has its inherent sweetness, a few add-ons can take it to the next level:

Butter & Salt: The age-old pairing. Lather on butter and season with salt.

Herb Infusion: Blend butter with herbs such as basil or chives for an aromatic twist.

Cheesy Delight: Shower with Parmesan or feta for a cheesy overlay.

Spice Route: Jazz it up with chili, paprika, or a hint of lime.

Mexican Flair: Coat with mayo, roll in Cotija cheese, and sprinkle chili for a tangy edge.