The right way to boil corn: selecting the best corn, cook times, and getting the max flavor


Picking the Best Corn
Before mastering the boiling technique, you need the right raw material. When shopping for corn, consider the following:

Husk Quality: Seek out bright green husks that snugly envelop the corn. Stay away from those that have brown or dry spots.
Kernel Test: Run your fingers over the corn to feel for round, uniformly placed kernels. Skip any with noticeable gaps.
Silk Inspection: Fresh corn has slightly moist silk threads. Dry or brown ones? That's a pass.
A Little Peek: If permissible, pull back a bit of the husk to eye the kernels. They should ooze milky juices and be free from discoloration.
Armed with the finest corn ears, let's embark on the boiling journey.

Achieving the Boiling Balance
While boiling corn may seem easy, timing is pivotal:

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