What’s better than an orchid to make the house bloom in winter? You can have 2 for the price of 1, let’s find out how! If phalaenopsis is so successful, it is thanks to its ability to adapt to the constant temperature (between 18 and 20°C) of our interiors.

Have an orchid at home

It is satisfied with a bright position  , without direct sunlight, less than one meter from a window. And, what’s more, he likes to be watered and fed at the same rate in any season! However, with a little attention, you can widen your choice to other genera: Zygopetalum, Oncidium, Miltoniopsis, Cattleya… These orchids have swellings or pseudobulbs at the base. These produce leaves and accumulate reserves from spring to autumn to flower in winter and stop their growth. You must therefore reduce watering and eliminate fertilizer when the profusion of flowers could tempt you to do the opposite!

Excess water is the main cause of   orchid death. Their roots, like sanitary pads, absorb the liquid even if it is too much for them! You need to give them time to dry and learn how to dose by weighing the crop pot: if it seems light, water it, if it seems heavy, wait.

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Don’t forget to feed your orchids   : all year round for phalaenopsis and from spring to autumn for the others. A simple method is to add fertilizer every 15 days to the watering water, alternating one fertilizer for growth and another for flowers.

How to get two orchids from one plant?

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