How to get two orchids from one plant?

To propagate your orchid, use only clean and alcohol-disinfected tools (garden shears, sharp knife). Clean the orchid’s roots thoroughly. Cut the bottom part of the roots with a sharp, sterile tool.

You will be left with one rooted orchid and one unrooted orchid.

orchid root

Plant both sides in  individual pots with new substrate and fresh moss.

planting the orchid

This is what the cut part with the roots looks like in the pot. Water   both orchids using the water immersion method.

root orchid pot

Take care of your orchids!

vase of orchids

In a short time the orchid will develop its first leaf and the old orchid will develop new roots.

vase for orchids1

The right gestures to take care of orchids

1-  Immerse   the culture vessel, when the substrate is well lightened, for approximately 10 minutes. in non-calcareous water, then let it drain.

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2-  Spray   water, if the ambient temperature is above 20°C, around the plants. The water must not stagnate at the base of the leaves.

3- At less than 60% humidity,   place the pots on a large   airtight tray lined with moss or damp clay pebbles

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