Eggs, universally revered for their nutritional richness, are a linchpin in our culinary adventures. From the elegance of poached eggs gracing an avocado toast to the warmth of a stuffed omelet, the versatility of eggs is unmatched. However, as with any perishable item, understanding the longevity of eggs, in their various forms, is pivotal. Let’s break down the knowledge barrier surrounding the storage of eggs.

Farm-Fresh Eggs or Supermarket Buys:

When stored in a fridge, which ideally should be maintained between 35°F to 40°F (1.7°C to 4.4°C), raw eggs can be preserved for 3-5 weeks. The USDA stands by this duration. For best results, leave them in their original carton, shielding them from strong smells.

Boiled and Ready to Eat:

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