When we relocated to our new residence, we had Sasha, a 9-year-old rescue with us. Sadly, she passed away six years later, leading my husband to declare we wouldn't get any more dogs due to the heartbreak of losing them.

However, 6 months after Sasha's passing, a large hound dog dashed through our yard, closely followed by a young pup. The older dog left, but the pup remained. Hungry and thirsty, my husband fed her and provided water. By evening, he placed her on the porch. Hearing her distressed moans in the dark, he left a light on to comfort her. Eventually, he decided to keep her, naming her Karma.

Karma grew to weigh 95 pounds and had a humorous personality that brought us joy. She had an affinity for sitting on my husband's lap and adored our cat. A fear of darkness lingered, so she always had a nightlight. She even figured out how to open the dog gate to check on us during the night.

Unfortunately, Karma was diagnosed with cancer, and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize her. We deeply miss her.

This story was shared by Trisha Tompkins from Rimrock, Arizona.