Cher, the legendary singer and actress, captivates fans with her age-defying look as she celebrates her 77th birthday.

Despite the years rolling by, Cher's youthful visage remains steadfast, leaving many wondering about her anti-aging secrets. Let's delve into the strategies that keep her looking ageless.

Cher’s Secrets to Eternal Youth
Many are in awe of Cher’s radiant skin and impeccable physique. She turned heads at Paris Fashion Week last year, showcasing her elegance in a shimmering silver spandex bodysuit by Balmain. At the Versace event, she once again drew attention in a sleek ensemble from the brand's newest line.

While Cher doesn't shy away from admitting her cosmetic enhancements, she believes her enduring beauty mainly stems from her holistic approach to health. In "Forever Fit," she divulged the practices that underpin her ageless charm.

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