Third Eye Point:

Indeed, one of the prime spots to relieve headaches is on the forehead. By applying gentle pressure between your eyes, where the bridge of the nose intersects the forehead, you can experience significant relief, as highlighted by Modern Reflexology.

Welcome Fragrance Point:

These are two symmetrical points located on either side of each nostril. Applying pressure here not only helps alleviate pain from tension headaches but also aids in opening the sinuses, according to Modern Reflexology.

Temporal Hairline Curve:

Positioned above the ear, near the temple's back, this point can be a game-changer. The Chopra Center suggests breathing deeply and using your fingers to massage this spot until the discomfort diminishes.

Wind Screen:

Located just below the earlobe, it's a spot that can be tricky to reach on your own. To ensure the best results, The Chopra Center advises getting acupressure assistance from someone close, ensuring a deeper relaxation experience.

Hoku Point:

Remarkably, one of the most effective points isn't even on the head! Situated between the index finger and thumb, this pressure point is known to treat migraines, frontal headaches, and even shoulder pain, as shared by Acupressure Points Guide.

Bigger Rushing:

This point, nestled on the foot's top between the big and second toe's webbing, offers relief from headaches, eye strain, and even the aftermath of overindulgence – hangovers, as per Acupressure Points Guide.

Foot Falling Tears:

Positioned about 2 inches below the toes in the space between the fourth and fifth toes, this pressure point is particularly beneficial for migraines and other headache forms, as mentioned by Acupressure Points Guide.