I'm so excited to share with you our family's new favorite comfort food - easy chicken and dumplings. I know many of you love this crock pot chicken pie recipe and this new recipe won't disappoint you either!

This is the best slow cooker chicken and dumplings recipe with cookies that you will find very easy. If you're craving simple yet serious food, try this recipe.

My kids loved it and said it was the best dinner. I would call it a success. If you want a faster version, try Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings.

The cookies turned out to be the most delicious dumplings. Next time I might add another 10 teaspoons of canned cookies with a little water because my kids loved it so much.

The chicken ravioli and cake won't disappoint you!

Recipe ingredients: vegetables, biscuits, onions, cream of chicken, spices, chicken breast


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