A healthy, healthy and comforting chicken soup recipe made with noodles and vegetables

This chicken noodle soup recipe is THE recipe to have on hand to treat various ailments: colds, sore throats, or even hangovers.

Very comforting, it allows on the one hand to hydrate and on the other hand to fill up with nutrients when we are sick. Beyond its healing aspects, this soup is very light and can come at the right time in the evening after eating a hearty meal at noon.

Chicken soup is probably one of the most indulgent, rich and easy to prepare Chinese soup recipes. This dish, in addition, leaves a lot of room for different interpretations. As chef David Chang says, "Learn to make chicken soup, it's ridiculously easy!" ".

For your chicken noodle soup to be really delicious, you will need an excellent chicken broth in which you can add the ingredients that you have in the kitchen. The most important thing is to let yourself be guided by your desires and favor your favorite flavors, whether you decide to opt for a spicy and spicy taste or rather umami, to give your personal touch to this dish which will be unanimous.

Here's how to make heart-warming chicken noodle soup.


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