These are the words of the children when they have tasted them. I think the same of course!

I have always made chicken enchiladas, with the famous Old El Paso kit. It's simple, au gratin, rich in flavors. We love ! And this time, I have a mad desire to make some, I have a kit in the cupboard but no chicken. I have ground beef. So I change the recipe and I start with this variant.

For the realization, everything is simplified because in the box we have the tortillas to stuff, the sauce and the spices for the filling. So, all you have to do is prepare the meat, which I decorate here with onions and red pepper, then add the sauce provided, as well as a little cream and cheese.

Afterwards, heat the tortillas in the microwave for a few seconds and fill them with the preparation. A little sauce and cheese on top and all that remains is to brown everything in the oven.

This type of dish is super practical, because it is complete and can be prepared in advance so that you only have to brown at the last moment. Also, it is very user-friendly. And it appeals to everyone's tastes.

Let's go on a trip to a sunny destination: Mexico!

Here is a recipe for 100% homemade beef enchiladas that will delight your taste buds.

Beef enchiladas, a very popular and traditional Mexican dish. There are as many recipes as there are Mexicans. These are wheat or corn tortilla pancakes topped with ground meat with spices and a chilli sauce. The whole will be decorated with grated cheese and the enchiladas will be au gratin in the oven.


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