Quick & Easy Idea Dinner : Garlic Toast Pizzas

This recipe is so simple that even kids can make it!It only requires 3 main ingredients plus a filling of your choice.If you love pizza, how can you go wrong with garlic toast?This little pizzeria is famous when we work at my house in my house, or if we had no plans.You can add them to the top layer of your choice: pepperoni, jalapenos, olives, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc.

* Ingredients :

° Frozen toast garlic
°  sauce pizza
° mozzarella sherdded cheese
° Layer of your choice 

* Methods :

Bake garlic toast according to package instructions, but remove from oven about 2 minutes before done.
Topping semi-ripe garlic toast with pizza sauce, cheese, & toppings your choice (employ sauce very sparingly, other-wise middle may get soggy).

Placing them back in oven to roast for 2-4 min or to cheese is bubbling & start to turn brown.

Enjoy !