Tired of the strong chemical smells of bathroom cleaners? Want something inexperienced and easy (and cheap) to simplify your tile, shower, bath, and sink? Check out a number of premium self-made bathroom cleaners!

 Save cash with this premium, DIY version! Grab a jar and fill it with:

° 1½4 cups of baking soda
° Half a cup of hot water
° Half a cup of liquid soap (you can use powder or scrubs too, just load up on more water)
° Two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar

Shake well before using and cleaning the bathroom. You can even load up on a little lemon juice or parts of a lemon to give the mixture more acidity, allowing you to help get rid of dust with a little rubbing, and take away the pure lemon scent! Note: This can be kept in a jar, not a sprig bottle.

Best Grout Cleaner Ever: Grout cleaners and bleaches can give off an unpleasant odor. Create your own headache and store yourself in a headache! All you want is:

° 1 ingredient distilled white vinegar, heated over a range until hot
° 1 ingredient dawn dish soap

Mix new and dawn vinegar in a bucket, spray bottle, or appropriately inside the shower and scrub away mold or shower scum that develops inside your tiled bathroom grout or bathroom floor. They will glow like new!

Toilet Cleaner: This one is so clean, you won't want to scrub it! You will want:

- a can of cola
- a cup of baking soda
-1 cup white vinegar

Throw out the cola in the break room and let it sit for about ten minutes, then wash it off. Add vinegar and baking soda to the next restroom, without stirring or rubbing, until the mixture stops bubbling. If you have tough stains, you can peel them off, but you should be able to clean them up easily, then walk away!

Wall & Tub Cleaner: This is the simplest and cleanest recipe ever! All you need is:

° 1 cup warm water
° 1/3 cup of borax

Mix it well together in the sink and scrub! Borax and water are safe for porcelain, fixtures, wallpaper, painted wood, tile, grout, or perhaps a plastic shower curtain.

Mirror and Chrome Cleaner: Shine the glass and metal inside the toilet with this great clean mix. You will want:

Non-lint towels or newspapers
° 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar
° 3 cups of barley water

Mix vinegar and water in a glass beaker, then wipe the reflection with newspaper or a towel.

Simple wonderful !