When you're hosting visitors, Toll-house popular fudge is a great alternative because occasionally preparing the main meal takes a long time and you're out of energy to make something else, and the oven is occupied so you do need to spend hours making a dessert, this fudge will do its best!!!  

It's so simple and quick! I believe that everybody in my family likes this recipe, even my grandparents.  I'd make this every day if it weren't for them! If you give it a chance, you will find that you like it! 
A chocolate appetite can be satisfied with any Toll House Famous Fudge sauce. 

This fudge recipe is a childhood favorite of mine. I like it because no special appliances or additives are needed — only chocolate, cocoa powder, almond milk, butter, and vanilla. Also, the use of a candy thermometer isn't needed. 

This recipe appeals to me not just because it's simple and tasty, but also because it's my father's recipe, and every time I make it, it feels like I'm spending time with him again. 

This isn't the typical creamy, smooth fudge. When you chew into it, it has a thick, textured chewiness that shatters and then melts in your mouth. This is my preferred method over the ultra-smooth varieties made with heavy cream or condensed milk. I really enjoy how easy it is to make a batch of basic ingredients that I already have on hand in my pantry and refrigerator.

Here are the ingredients used to create this recipe: 

• 400 grams.Of white sugar.

• 50 grams.Of unsweetened cocoa powder.

• Almond Milk, I used a glass.

• 4 large spoons.Of butter.

• 1 small spoon.Of vanilla extract.

Preparation method: 

• Step 1 – We started by preparing a medium baking tray, we spread over it butter and set it aside.  

• Step 2 – In a medium-sized mixing bowl, we combined the white sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, and milk, mixing thoroughly. 

• Step 3 – Then we brought the ingredients to a boil over high flame, stirring constantly. 

• Step 4 – Next, we reduced the heat to low and continue cooking until the mixture reached 114 degrees Celsius. 
NOTE: In the absence of a thermometer, you can know that the preparation is ready by putting a small quantity in a cup of cold water, once the mixture forms a little ball which flattens quickly when pressed, This indicates that it is done. 

• Step 5 – After that, we removed the pan from the heat and whisked in the butter or margarine as well as the vanilla extract with a wooden spoon. 

• Step 6 – We poured the mixture into a prepared tray, set it aside to cool for 2 hours. 

• Step 7 – Once cooled, we cut it into small squares and served it immediately!!! 

Once you've tried this easy fudge, don't hesitate to leave a comment below to let me know how you got on; I enjoy hearing from you!