How to carry it out on your own

We will need two plastic bottles, each of which is 500 milliliters in capacity. There are additional bottles of one liter, two liters, and other sizes that may be used if you have a bigger plant. In order to cut just one of the bottles, you will need to make an incision with scissors around four fingers below the neck of the bottle.

You are going to place the second one in the bottle that was cut before in an inverted position. A reservoir will be created out of this bottle, which will be filled with water. A mark should be made with a marker at the bottom of the bottle that has been cut. Once you have reached that point, you are going to use the tip of the scissors to create a hole. During this stage, you should place a flexible tubing within the hole.

Place a screw at the end of a galvanized wire that you have inserted into the tube. Insert the wire into the tube. Because of this, the tube will be able to feel a little bit more firm.

The water should be placed in the bottle that has not been cut, and then the bottle should be placed upside down in the cut bottle where the tube was put. After a few seconds, the water will begin to drip. A little more than ten cents will have been spent on this drip sprinkler, which will enable you to water for roughly one hundred and twenty hours without stopping.