Rats and other pests may be a real pain to deal with when they invade your house. Particularly in homes with children or pets, traditional tactics like as poisons and traps aren't always the best or most desirable options. The good news is that you may manage rodents in a natural and almost surefire way by using only two basic household ingredients: pepper and lemons. The Lemon-Pepper Strategy is an easy way to keep rats out of your house, so let's look into it.

Obtain All Necessary Ingredients First

The accessibility and simplicity of the Lemon-Pepper Strategy are its greatest assets. What you will require is:

Optional: lemon essential oil or fresh lemons

A little bit of ground black pepper or pepper oil

Staples made of cotton or gauze

Miniature envelopes

Next, Tap Into the Power of Lemons

Many pests, including rats, can be naturally warded off by eating lemons. To incorporate lemons into your rodent control plan, follow these steps:

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