I know it's humiliating to share a picture of my disgusting oven online, but that's just reality. It is possible that we cooked bacon in the oven and produced twenty servings of jalapeo poppers. Extraterrestrial grease splatters! The first time I used a magic eraser dampened with water, it removed a little coating of the gross stuff, but the grease lines still wouldn't budge. This ingenious method was then revealed to me when I polled various relatives for their oven cleaning secrets.

I covered the oven glass with baking soda after pouring approximately 1/4 cup of boiling water upon it. I waited 30 seconds before crumpling up some aluminum foil and began to scrape. Without any trying, the oil began to melt away! I used circular motions to massage it until it was clean. I used paper towels to remove the baking soda coating, but you'll need to use fresh water to remove all traces of it.

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