Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, sometimes referred to as "Pesto Rosso," is a condiment that is native to Sicily and is characterized by its brilliant colors and intense flavors. It is made with almonds, garlic, herbs, and olive oil. In addition to serving it as a great sandwich spread, you can also serve this rich and distinctive sauce with pasta, your preferred meats and fish. 

The occurrence of a snowstorm in the 1980s brought about three equally wonderful possibilities: a day off from school, the opportunity to create snow angels while wearing my bright pink nylon snowsuit, and the opportunity to plunge marshmallows into steaming cups of hot chocolate.

I did construct a snow angel a few winters ago for the sake of nostalgia (and I relished every minute of it), but the showy snowsuit has been retired for quite some time. However, hot chocolate is still a certainty.

The ingredients include: 100 grams of dried tomatoes that are not in oil, 50 grams of pine nuts, two cloves of garlic, fifty grams of grated Parmesan cheese, fifty grams of grated Pecorino cheese, ten fresh basil leaves, and one hundred and twenty milliliters of extra virgin olive oil.
To taste, season with salt and pepper

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Advance planning:

The first step is to soak the dried tomatoes. Put the dried tomatoes in a basin and cover them with water that is boiling. For around fifteen minutes, allow them to soak until they become pliable. After the tomatoes have been drained, they should be dried with a paper towel.

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