It may be a real pain to maintain white linens. Its luster could fade and its antique look can set in as time goes on. Also, our shirts, T-shirts, and tank tops are susceptible to sweat patches, which can eventually become yellow. Bleach is used by some to clean and whiten garments. When the latter are encrusted, however, this product does not always work. Use these all-natural methods to get rid of stubborn stains and bring back the luster to your whites.

It could be rather challenging to remove stains such as oil, grease, rust, gravy, or blood from clothing. For good reason, these stains can set in and refuse to come out no matter how much you try to remove them from cloth. While some choose for commercially available detergent for their washing machines, others prefer more eco-friendly methods. Here are several ways to remove those pesky yellow stains from white clothing.

Ways to naturally get rid of yellow stains on white garments

Certain all-natural methods work well when it comes to whitening white items like T-shirts, bedding, towels, and more.

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