Garlic Mushrooms: A Delicious Alternative to Meat

Immerse yourself in the realm of garlic mushrooms, more especially fried champignons, a dish that demonstrates veggies can truly be the show stopper. These garlic mushrooms are simple to make, full of flavor, and certain to be a hit with anybody who tries them. They're great for a night in or as a side dish.

Collect Your Materials
What you'll need for this exciting culinary journey is:

500 grammes of cleaned and cut champignons
4 tbsps of avocado oil
three or four minced garlic cloves
Season with salt if desired.
Charcoal, freshly ground to taste
For garnish, you may optionally add a handful of chopped fresh parsley.
Making Your Own Unique Garlic Mushroom Artwork
Turn Up the Heat:

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