Dealing with a dull knife is a challenge that every kitchen warrior is familiar with. Vegetable cutting becomes a labor and meat slicing becomes an exercise. But what if, instead of replacing your knife every six months, you could use something you most likely already have in your kitchen or garage to maintain it razor-sharp? We are, in fact, referring to the practice of sharpening one's blade with a battery. Although it seems like something out of a MacGyver episode, this is actually a very clever and practical solution.

The Battery Method: Keeping Your Blade Powerful

Using a 12-volt automobile battery is part of the procedure, but don't be scared—the approach is simple and safe if followed properly. Rather than building a homemade electric sharpener, the goal here is to find an innovative technique to use the terminals of the battery to improve the edge of the knife.

Quick and Easy Ways to Get Sharp in Just Six Months

Put Safety First:

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