white vinegar, half a cup

powdered cloves, measuring 1 teaspoon

A squeeze of one lemon

Put everything into a pail of hot water and stir. The components are mixed more easily and their cleaning abilities are amplified by the warm water.

What to Do When Cleaning

When you're ready for a spotless floor, grab your natural cleaner and follow these steps:

If there is any loose dirt or debris on your floor, sweep it or vacuum it up.

To clean the floor, soak a mop in the solution, rinse it out well, and then mop the floor as normal. You won't need to rinse it off because the substances' natural qualities will remove any residue that might be dangerous.

After letting the floor air dry, you'll notice a subtle sheen and a clean, pleasant aroma.

Adopting a Cleaning Method Devoid of Chemicals

Your floor will shine better and your home will be healthier if you switch to this natural cleaning approach. It's a demonstration of nature's might and a move in the direction of living more sustainably. Not to mention, you probably already have all the necessary components on hand, making it a budget-friendly alternative.

Follow this easy-to-follow method to maintain spotless floors and fill your home with the comforting aroma of nature's finest.