Two candles may be made from the sliced flesh of a lemon and a lime.

Toss in a few lime and lemon wedges to the container.

Toss in a few basil leaves.

Dampen the threads and fill the jar with water.

Drop in ten to fifteen drops of lemongrass oil.


Include a floating candle.

To celebrate a summer without bugs, light the candle.

These will add style to your summer gatherings while keeping pesky insects at bay.  I bet you adore that!  If you want to avoid buying citronella candles from the shop, try making your own mosquito repellant candles.  Here are a few more ideas for summer in a jar, like I promised.  Getting to them is as easy as clicking the links below!

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I have also made a quiz to determine your mason jar type in case you were wondering!  Not serious, but it might inspire you to find new uses for jars in your own creative endeavors.  Why not give this quiz a go?