In order to do this task, you will want two things: a large saucepan and some baking soda. If you have pots and pans that do not cling to the surface, you will need to borrow or purchase a stainless steel pan. This is a very, very crucial point to keep in mind. For the sole purpose of cleaning, I decided to acquire one to preserve and maintain.
The water in the big saucepan should be brought to a boil. If it has reached a rolling boil, then you should add some baking soda. Sorry, but I do not have a specific measurement for you; nonetheless, it is dependent on the amount of water that you have used. You shouldn't be concerned, but the water in your glass is going to fizz. You are interested in this! In order to prevent the baking soda from exploding directly over the top of the pot, you should add it gradually. Additional baking soda should be added if it does not fizz. To place the filters into your pot, you will need to grab a set of tongs.

In these photographs, you can see that the water is bubbling and that the oil is beginning to come off.

I made the decision to just put mine in and let them to settle for around sixty seconds. Because I had filters in my stove vent that are extremely tiny, I was able to do the task with relative ease. Depending on the size of yours, you may have to complete half of it, then flip it over and complete the other half.

Look at all of the grease! Oh no!

With that one out of the way, let's take a look at the before and after of the situation. They seem to be brand new! I am now able to relax and enjoy my time in the kitchen since I am aware that they are not sitting on top of my food while I am preparing it. In addition, I can assume that the oil and filth you have in your home may generate scents that are not essential.

Regarding the second filter, I did not think it was necessary to pour out the water. Simply adding additional baking soda to the mixture was all that was required to get that fizz. And after all is said and done, they both have the appearance of being brand new and are absolutely clean!

Your pot is likely to look a bit worse for wear and tear now, but it is simple to clean when it is dirty. Due to the fact that the filth does not adhere to the edges very strongly, it should be quite simple to remove. On the other hand, I strongly suggest that you dump this disgusting water in the backyard, in a location that is not readily accessible to either children or animals. It is only because I did not want to throw the grease down my drains and have it coat my pipes that I am allowing this to be spoken. The manner in which you would want to get rid of this water is entirely up to you; however, I would ask that you refrain from pouring it down the drain or anyplace else that is not approved by the authorities in your area.

That wraps everything up! It took me less than ten minutes to complete the task from beginning to end! I really hope that yours is as simple as mine was!