To bring out the green beans' inherent sweetness and soft texture, simmer them for 15 minutes before proceeding with the recipe. At the same time, add a layer of delicious depth to the meal by sautéing one finely chopped onion in vegetable oil until it turns translucent.

Then, to the skillet go three minced garlic cloves, a sliced carrot, and chopped pepper, all of which contribute taste and nutrition. The anti-inflammatory and heart-health benefits of garlic have made it a popular spice.

The enchantment is amplified when three fresh tomatoes are added, after being blanched in boiling water. This does double duty: it makes peeling a breeze while still preserving the vibrant acidity that goes so well with the green beans.

A burst of freshness and earthiness are added to the mix by stirring in six sliced mushrooms, spring onions, and parsley. Subtly thickening the sauce with six tablespoons of oat flakes, this meal is enriched with fiber, which is wonderful for digestion and blood sugar management. It also adds flavor.

A source of high-quality protein and a flavor binder, two whisked eggs are delicately mixed into the recipe. Grind some pepper and add little salt to taste.

The finishing touches of vegetable oil, yogurt, and dill bring the meal to a whole new level with their creamy texture and acidic edge, thanks to half a lemon.

A Delicious and Healthy Celebration

An ode to nutritious cuisine, this verdant bean work of art is more than simply dinner. This recipe is perfect for anyone watching their blood sugar levels since every item has been hand-picked for its deliciousness and health advantages. You may improve your health and have a delicious meal at the same time by eating this recipe.