After seven days, remove any solid particles from the oil by straining it through a cloth or sieve.

Applying the produced oil to your hair follicles will activate its growth mechanisms.

Implementation for Optimal Advantages

The oil is easy to use; just rub it into your hair's cuticles.

To make sure it sinks into your scalp, rub it in with your fingertips. This does double duty: it aids absorption and increases blood flow to the scalp, both of which promote hair growth.

For all of our health and beauty concerns, this treatment is a great illustration of how nature can supply us with answers. A powerful hair care solution is created by combining the sulfur-rich onion and garlic with the nourishing olive oil. It strengthens hair from the inside out, which in turn lessens hair loss, and it also encourages amazing hair growth.

If you want thicker, fuller hair without spending a fortune on treatments or enduring harmful chemicals, then you should embrace this natural technique. You should only use the simplest products on your hair since your hair deserves nothing less.