stir in the teaspoon of Vick's Vaporub and stir with a fork or your fingers until a smooth dough forms.

Split the dough in half and shape each half into a tiny ball or pile.

You may bait a spot where you think rats congregate by placing two or three of these parts in a container and leaving it there.

The tempting scent of the cookies will draw in the rodents, but the combination of baking soda and Vicks Vaporub will drive them away.

Typical issues involving rats:

illnesses Spread by Rats: Rats are known to have a number of illnesses that can have devastating effects on people. Here are a few examples of these diseases:

The germs that cause leptospirosis may be found in the urine of animals, including rats.

The bubonic plague is a bacterial disease spread by fleas that inhabit rats.

Inhalation of aerosols from infected rats' excrement or urine is the mode of transmission for the hantavirus.

The Lassa fever virus is found in rat droppings and causes hemorrhagic fever.

Disease Transmission via Contaminated Food and drink: Rats in the house can spread disease via contaminating food and drink.

Thegnawing of wires, wood, and other building components is a common way that rats damage homes.

For reasons of both comfort and health, it is critical to maintain a home free of rats. If you're fighting rats but don't want to use harsh or poisonous chemicals, this natural technique can help.