Ever wondered about the bright yellow cap on some Coca-Cola bottles? It's not just a design choice; it signifies something special. This unique feature appears annually, linked to a significant reason deeply rooted in tradition and inclusivity.

Coca-Cola, established in the late 1800s, has grown into a global favorite, cherished for its refreshing flavor. Yet, it's the bottles with yellow caps that catch extra attention, primarily because they're not a common sight.

These yellow caps play a crucial role during Passover, a springtime Jewish holiday lasting seven days. During Passover, Jewish people avoid chametz, which includes leavened foods made from wheat, spelt, oats, rye, and barley. Additionally, some extend this prohibition to kitniyot, encompassing corn, rice, and beans, making regular Coca-Cola, with its corn syrup content, unsuitable for consumption during this period.

To ensure everyone can enjoy a sip of Coca-Cola during Passover without breaking dietary laws, Coca-Cola switches its recipe from corn syrup to sugar. This adjustment makes the drink kosher for Passover, suitable for those observing the holiday's dietary guidelines.

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