Lemon Snowball Cookies are a delightful fusion of delicate, buttery texture and invigorating citrus zest, rapidly becoming a favorite treat around the globe. Their origins can be traced back to traditional Russian tea cookies, "Sbiten," but they've since evolved into a must-have for festive events, tea parties, or any moment needing a sweet, citrusy touch.

These cookies are wonderfully shareable and versatile in serving. They pair exceptionally well with hot tea or coffee, where the gentle lemon flavor melds seamlessly with the beverage. For an elegant display, you can artfully arrange them on a decorative plate and dust them with powdered sugar. They're a fantastic standalone dessert but can also be paired with lemon sorbet or vanilla ice cream for an extra refreshing dimension. Lemon Snowball Cookies are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, regardless of the setting.

Lemon Snowball Cookies Recipe


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